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Once your blog is created, remember to submit your blog to search engines so that they can index your blog and crawl over it whenever there are matching searches. Here are few search engines that you should submit your blog to:-


Google prefers blogs that have been around for sometime instead of new blogs. While Yahoo! prefers newer blogs. And they all love UPDATED blogs. Update once in a week if possible.


Whenever your blog is updated, remember to “ping” your blog. In other words, tell search engines that your blog has been updated with new contents. You can ping your blog manually at or (my 2 preferred sites before I started to use Windows Live Writer).

If you are using Wordpress or Windows Live Writer, add the following to your ping list:-

Windows Live Writer will automatically ping those sites when you update your blog. For users of Windows Live Writer, you can copy and paste the above ping list to “Tools, Options, Ping Servers”. I’m not so sure about Wordpress though.

Actually the extensive ping list tends to slow down my blog publishing time but I’m loath to leave out any of them so I just keep them in my ping list. If you find it causing delay when publishing, choose several popular ones or anyone you like.

More tips:-

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation, a process of improving traffic of a blog from search engines. Yeah, I know everyone knows that but how to implement? The most popular search engine is not Google. Everyone is saying “please Google the company name” instead of “please search the company name on internet”. Due to Google’s popularity, everyone is targeting to appear in first few pages of Google search under certain keywords.

Its all about keywords. Determine keywords for your blog and use them in your blog. How would you know what are the keywords for your blog? Make use of Google Keywords. Type a topic (phrase) that you would like to blog about and Google will suggest bunch of keywords for you. You can see the search volume of every word or phrase suggested by Google Keywords.

If your niche is very special, you will most probably be highly ranked in search engines. If you are writing about a common niche – analyse the search volume of keywords listed in Google Keywords. Keywords with higher search volume means more people searched based on those keywords. You can opt to use these keywords but bear in mind you’ll be competing with many other bloggers like you. Consider using less general keywords, narrowed according to particular topic in your blog. Although search volume may be lower, you blog tends to stand out amongst the few.

To implement keywords, just USE them in your blog! And use them many times. To give an example, if you are writing a topic about Chinese food and you chose keywords like “Chinese food, recipes, easy cooking”, USE THESE WORDS MANY TIMES in your blog. Probably about 5 to 10 times in a post. Implement similarly to your other post in the blog.

Don’t make your blog “keywords stuffed” though. People surf for information and not meaningless blogs.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT TIP – search engines love words and just words. They don’t recognise images. EVERY WORD in your blog COUNTS! Including the title of your blog, your URL address, name of every files (such as photos) attached to your blog.

Say for example you’re writing about food recipes, give your blog an URL such as “” instead of “” (save this for your PERSONAL blog).

Choose a title for your blog because this is the catchy headlines that will be displayed when your blog appears in search engines. Eg. Chinese Food Recipes – Easy Cooking Recipes. Its ok to make title a bit longer to fit in few keywords.

Name the photos in your blog with keywords or words relevant to your blog niche. Eg. a photo of fried rice has better be “fried_rice.jpg” instead of “img_001.jpg”.

BOLD the keywords in your blog. Let search engines know that your blog is “strong” with those words. I’m applying all the above to some of my blogs to test my blog – they have not failed me. :)

However, I opted out from the BOLD tip because my reader complained that words in BOLD confused them and they thought those were links. On the other hand, some readers commented that it is easier to find what they want because they found my site based on those KEYWORDS anyway…So its up to you to decide.

More tips:-

Promote blog and get visitors immediately.

You can promote your blog at your Facebook, Friendster or any other online social networking group. Just display your URL (blog address eg. in your networking accounts.

Get traffic exchange. Pop your head into forums on topics related to your blog. Assuming that you’re writing about food, you can leave comments at other people’s blog/ website with your URL address included to the comments. Make sure that your comment is relevant to the topic such as “Hey, you’ve got a good recipe for Chinese Fried Rice here and it seems easy to do too. I must try it out – let you know how it turned out later! I’m also into food blogging. Feel free to drop by at I’ll come back for more tips from you :)” Don’t have to be exactly, just something like that.

Take note that some forums require you to join them and login first. I THINK it is ok because I’ve been doing that and was not spammed.

List your blog anywhere you deem fit. There are directories that let you list your blog for free. You have to do some research on that though – to look for places that let you list blogs for a certain niche. If you are writing about food, try search with keywords such as “add website about food to our directory”. This is only example.

Enclose your blog’s URL wherever possible.  You can make good use of email signature so that every email you send will show your name and blog’s URL.

More tips:-

You can get traffic to your blog or website almost instantly when you’re done with these tips but getting your blog into search results via search engines does not happen overnight. Just do what you can and all you have to do after that is wait and continue to drive traffic to your blog. When I first started blogging and driving in traffic, I only get visitors to my blog after 2 weeks. But that is also because I did not promote my blog to friends. I want them to find it from search engines since I’m testing the search engines. None of them ever managed to find my blog for sure! Lol!

Here are some easy tips to get you started:-

These tips works for blogs and websites. But since I’m sharing on tips to earn money without spending money, I’d rather say “blog” instead. :)

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After creating a Blogger’s blog and Setup Adsense Account, you need to wait for Adsense to confirm/ approve your account. Once confirmed, you can start displaying Adsense ads in your blog. Here are some simple steps to display Adsense ads in Blogger’s blog:-

  1. Login to your Blogger’s blog using your Gmail address and password
  2. At “Dashboard”, click “Layout”
  3. Click “Add a gadget”
  4. Select “Adsense”
  5. Choose a preferred ad format. For colours, choose “blend template”. You can see the preview of the ad below the box. Once you’re done with it, click “save”.
    adsense template
  6. Save your blog. Then view your blog. You will see Adsense ads according to the format you created.
  7. If you prefer the ads at other location in the blog, under Blogger – layout, drag and drop the Adsense box to your preferred location.
  8. Now you can start blogging and drive traffic to your blog.

I’m recommending Blogger because it is popular and works well with many other services. It works fine with Adsense, Nuffnang, Infolinks, Windows Live Writer and there are many free templates available for download from other sites.

Here is how to start a blog at Blogger:-

  1. Sign in with your Gmail email address and password
    sign in
  2. You will be directed to sign up for Blogger. Fill up Display Name and check the box if you accept the terms of service. Click “Continue”
    blogger step1
  3. Fill up title for your blog, decide a name for the blog, click “continue”
    name blog
  4. Choose a template (you can always change later, or download your own template later). Click “continue”
    choose template
  5. You can start blogging immediately! Once you click continue, you will arrive at post editing page – start blogging. To setup Adsense first, check out Setup Adsense.
    start blogging

What is Adsense? How to earn from Adsense? Adsense is a portal for advertisers to advertise and for bloggers/ website owner to display their ads in their blogs. How is bloggers earning from Adsense ads? Bloggers display Adsense ads in their blogs, visitors to their blogs look at these ads, interested and click into the ads. Adsense will record the number of clicks on ads and pay accordingly. How much per click – is up to Adsense’s discretion. They keep it confidential to prevent abuse. Success of earning in Adsense very much depends on visitors traffic.

Adsense has a strict term in prohibiting bloggers to encourage their blog visitors to click on their ads. THEY CAN TRACE THE SOURCE OF EVERY CLICK. And please do not click on ads in your own blog. You will be banned by Adsense. Instead, write good blogs to attract visitors, be hardworking to promote your blog and bring visitors to your blog. Adsense provide tips for you to enhance earnings too. They make it so easy for you to display ads in Blogger, you can choose what type of ads to put or let Adsense decide for you according to your blog content and blend the ads with your blog’s template too. So appreciate their effort and adhere to their terms of service.

Setting up Adsense may seem complicated but it is actually very easy if you follow Adsense’s instruction during setup. To speed up processing, it is preferred to already have a Gmail account and Blogger account. Otherwise you may not be able to complete the required form.

  1. Login to your Blogger account at using your Gmail that you’ve just set up. Click “My Account” on top right corner of the page.
    my account
  2. Click “Adsense” under “Try something new”
    setup adsense

  3. Then click “Sign up now”
    sign up adsense
  4. Fill up the form (check out the following, if you do not have any of the info, find out first)
    • Website URL (primary blog only)
    • Select a language
    • Check “I will not place ads on sites that include incentives to click on ads”
    • Check “I will not place ads on sites that include pornographic content”
    • Select account type (individual/ business)
    • Select a country or territory
    • Payee Name (full name to appear on paycheck)
    • Address
    • Check “I agree that I can receive checks made out to the payee name I have listed above
    • Telephone number
    • Check all their policies (please read and adhere to it)
    • Click “Submit Information”
  5. A page with all the information you keyed in will be displayed. Check that the information is correct, if INCORRECT click “Back”.
  6. If you already have Gmail, click the first radio button for the first question, if not click the second – you will be asked to create a new Google Account.
  7. If you choose first radio button, you will be asked whether you’d like to use your existing account for Adsense or choose a new login and and password just for Adsense. It is up to you to decide.
  8. If you choose to use existing account for Adsense, you need to login (enter your Blogger login email and password, click “continue”)
  9. Your application will be submitted for review and you will receive their reply in 1 – 2 days. In the final page, there are help options where you can learn to activate Adsense.

You only need to setup one Adsense account even if you have more than one blog. If you are setting up blogs using different Blogger account, you can still use the same Adsense account. Login to your second Blogger account as usual and display Adsense ads. You will be asked to create new Adsense account or use existing Adsense account. Adsense will send an email to your primary email address and asked for your verification. Once you verified that the second Blogger account is yours and grant permission, the Adsense ads in your second Blogger account will be “activated” – clicks earned from these ads will go to the same Adsense account.

You will need a credit card to verify your account but it is FREE to use their service to receive payments. You can still create PayPal account without credit card to receive money but there may be limitations as to maximum amount you can receive or limited withdrawal options. After creating PayPal account, it would be wise to send them an enquiry or call their centre to confirm. Each country may have different terms. Then, be sure to log in and log out PROPERLY. I once got my PayPal account suspended because I’ve kept on logging in and logging out, testing this and that – their security is tight and suspected my account being hacked so I need to submit my latest credit card statement in order to re-activate it.

Here’s how to set up a PayPal account to receive money:

  1. Go to You will immediately be asked to select your country and language.
    choose country
  2. Click “Sign Up” at the bottom of member login area or on top right corner of the page.
    sign up
  3. Select “Premier” account (it is still FREE – please read updates from PayPal with regards to its recent amendment on certain transaction policies)
    select premier
  4. Fill up your details (it is Ok to skip the credit card details, you can always fill in later). Click “I agree, create my account”
    i agree
  5. You’re done. If you did not key in credit card details, you will be directed to the following page. Ignore it and click “Go to My Account”
    go to my account
  6. You will see a brand new account – empty with 0.00 amount. At the notification box located on the right column, PayPal will ask you to confirm your email (click and follow the instruction to confirm you email address), link and confirm credit card (click this and follow the instruction when you are ready to link your credit card), finally read the policy updates.
  7. Basically, your PayPal account is READY TO RECEIVE PAYMENT :)

You can skip this step if you already have an email account with Gmail. But I would still recommend you create a new one that you will use solely for blogging purpose. Would it be too lazy if I say: go to, click “create new account” and follow instructions? Lol! I guess so. But if you’re still not sure, I compiled a brief guidelines too:-

  1. Go to Click on “create new account” on the right bottom corner.
    create an account with Gmail
  2. Fill up the form, read the terms and conditions and click “I accept. Create my account.”
    Accept and create Gmail
  3. You’ll get a screen telling you the account is created. Click “Show me my account”.
    Show me my account

Voila! Your account is ready to use. Next, create a PayPal account – this one more complicated steps.

If you are new to blogging, you may find these info useful. They are meant to provide a step-by-step and easy to understand guide from creating blog to generating revenues from your blog. The setup needs less than an hour to finish. If you are already an expert blogger, feel free to leave me your comment.

To start blogging, think of a niche – what would you like to blog about? Something that you can keep blogging about. Some people tend to blog about themselves. I’m not saying this is something bad but people are looking for INFORMATION on internet (are you not?). So they would hope to find something useful in your blog. However, you can still get your friends and family (those interested in you) to read a blog about yourself but you can barely earn much from there. You can do that as a beginning in your blogging venture and slowly determine your own niche to blog about. If you decided to create another blog about other things (like food recipe etc) you can always add a link to your initial “about yourself” blog.

This is how you get started:-

  1. Signup for Nuffnang account
  2. Place Nuffnang ads in your blog
  3. Signup for Infolinks account
  4. Text links will automatically appear when your blog is approved
  5. Optional – download Windows Live Writer (an amazing blog writing tool!)

Start blogging! But look at some tips to drive traffic to your blog beforehand!

This is a dream of many of us, to work from the comfort of home while earning a substantial income. To realise this dream, I did a lot of research, read a lot of e-books and found several ways to earn money doing online tasks:-

  • Joining GPT programmes – earn by clicking ads, reading emails, filling up surveys
  • Joining affiliate programmes – promote other people’s product and earn commission for successful sales
  • Writing & Translation – look for writing and translation jobs I can do at home (not easy to secure one)

How much did I made in the end of the day? Not much yet. Just enough to cover my internet monthly subscription fee. Well, maybe a little bit more to buy some snacks! I’m still working on it. I’m earning a comfortable income at my current full-time job therefore it is rather impossible at this point of time to earn more than that from online jobs. So I am still not ready to give up my full time job.

Furthermore, freelance jobs and part time jobs are temporary and greatly affected by “seasons”. The competition is great too. It seems as if everyone is looking for something like this. Are you also looking to work from the comfort of home? If you are new, probably you will find my blog useful for you. After going through numerous researches, I aimed to provide information as detailed as possible to readers of my blog so that they can start off like me. But note that I still don’t consider myself very successful, just to encourage you guys to get started with simple step-by-step guide – and I’m not charging you a penny for anything. I got those information free (just with some extra effort) and just sharing them with you.


Technorati Tags:

Blogging has never been easier. I’m really impressed. I’ve been blogging for a while now but never thought of changing to Windows Live Writer until now. Not sure how I heard of it but after doing some research, everyone seems to have something good to say about it. Thought I should give it a try and now I can’t bear to be without it!! lol!

Windows Live Writer lets me write as if I’m using Microsoft Word – something I’m so familiar with. Normally I’ll have to type in Microsoft Word, where spelling error will be underlined red. Correct them, copy and paste everything to my blog and publish. Now I can just write and publish. :)

Let me stress this, if you know how to use Microsoft Word, you will know how to use Windows Live Writer. Although Blogger improved a lot on their WYSIWYG composer, Windows Live Writer is still better. However, I’ll still use Blogger to tweak layout and settings of my blog. Too bad that cannot be done with Windows Live Writer.

Remember to compile your own pinglist and add to Windows Live Writer. It will help you ping your blog every time you update your blog.

Happy blogging, bloggers!

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