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You will need a credit card to verify your account but it is FREE to use their service to receive payments. You can still create PayPal account without credit card to receive money but there may be limitations as to maximum amount you can receive or limited withdrawal options. After creating PayPal account, it would be wise to send them an enquiry or call their centre to confirm. Each country may have different terms. Then, be sure to log in and log out PROPERLY. I once got my PayPal account suspended because I’ve kept on logging in and logging out, testing this and that – their security is tight and suspected my account being hacked so I need to submit my latest credit card statement in order to re-activate it.

Here’s how to set up a PayPal account to receive money:

  1. Go to You will immediately be asked to select your country and language.
    choose country
  2. Click “Sign Up” at the bottom of member login area or on top right corner of the page.
    sign up
  3. Select “Premier” account (it is still FREE – please read updates from PayPal with regards to its recent amendment on certain transaction policies)
    select premier
  4. Fill up your details (it is Ok to skip the credit card details, you can always fill in later). Click “I agree, create my account”
    i agree
  5. You’re done. If you did not key in credit card details, you will be directed to the following page. Ignore it and click “Go to My Account”
    go to my account
  6. You will see a brand new account – empty with 0.00 amount. At the notification box located on the right column, PayPal will ask you to confirm your email (click and follow the instruction to confirm you email address), link and confirm credit card (click this and follow the instruction when you are ready to link your credit card), finally read the policy updates.
  7. Basically, your PayPal account is READY TO RECEIVE PAYMENT :)

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