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After creating a Blogger’s blog and Setup Adsense Account, you need to wait for Adsense to confirm/ approve your account. Once confirmed, you can start displaying Adsense ads in your blog. Here are some simple steps to display Adsense ads in Blogger’s blog:-

  1. Login to your Blogger’s blog using your Gmail address and password
  2. At “Dashboard”, click “Layout”
  3. Click “Add a gadget”
  4. Select “Adsense”
  5. Choose a preferred ad format. For colours, choose “blend template”. You can see the preview of the ad below the box. Once you’re done with it, click “save”.
    adsense template
  6. Save your blog. Then view your blog. You will see Adsense ads according to the format you created.
  7. If you prefer the ads at other location in the blog, under Blogger – layout, drag and drop the Adsense box to your preferred location.
  8. Now you can start blogging and drive traffic to your blog.

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