Simple Steps to Start a Blog & Start Earning Money

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If you are new to blogging, you may find these info useful. They are meant to provide a step-by-step and easy to understand guide from creating blog to generating revenues from your blog. The setup needs less than an hour to finish. If you are already an expert blogger, feel free to leave me your comment.

To start blogging, think of a niche – what would you like to blog about? Something that you can keep blogging about. Some people tend to blog about themselves. I’m not saying this is something bad but people are looking for INFORMATION on internet (are you not?). So they would hope to find something useful in your blog. However, you can still get your friends and family (those interested in you) to read a blog about yourself but you can barely earn much from there. You can do that as a beginning in your blogging venture and slowly determine your own niche to blog about. If you decided to create another blog about other things (like food recipe etc) you can always add a link to your initial “about yourself” blog.

This is how you get started:-

  1. Signup for Nuffnang account
  2. Place Nuffnang ads in your blog
  3. Signup for Infolinks account
  4. Text links will automatically appear when your blog is approved
  5. Optional – download Windows Live Writer (an amazing blog writing tool!)

Start blogging! But look at some tips to drive traffic to your blog beforehand!

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