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What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation, a process of improving traffic of a blog from search engines. Yeah, I know everyone knows that but how to implement? The most popular search engine is not Google. Everyone is saying “please Google the company name” instead of “please search the company name on internet”. Due to Google’s popularity, everyone is targeting to appear in first few pages of Google search under certain keywords.

Its all about keywords. Determine keywords for your blog and use them in your blog. How would you know what are the keywords for your blog? Make use of Google Keywords. Type a topic (phrase) that you would like to blog about and Google will suggest bunch of keywords for you. You can see the search volume of every word or phrase suggested by Google Keywords.

If your niche is very special, you will most probably be highly ranked in search engines. If you are writing about a common niche – analyse the search volume of keywords listed in Google Keywords. Keywords with higher search volume means more people searched based on those keywords. You can opt to use these keywords but bear in mind you’ll be competing with many other bloggers like you. Consider using less general keywords, narrowed according to particular topic in your blog. Although search volume may be lower, you blog tends to stand out amongst the few.

To implement keywords, just USE them in your blog! And use them many times. To give an example, if you are writing a topic about Chinese food and you chose keywords like “Chinese food, recipes, easy cooking”, USE THESE WORDS MANY TIMES in your blog. Probably about 5 to 10 times in a post. Implement similarly to your other post in the blog.

Don’t make your blog “keywords stuffed” though. People surf for information and not meaningless blogs.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT TIP – search engines love words and just words. They don’t recognise images. EVERY WORD in your blog COUNTS! Including the title of your blog, your URL address, name of every files (such as photos) attached to your blog.

Say for example you’re writing about food recipes, give your blog an URL such as “” instead of “” (save this for your PERSONAL blog).

Choose a title for your blog because this is the catchy headlines that will be displayed when your blog appears in search engines. Eg. Chinese Food Recipes – Easy Cooking Recipes. Its ok to make title a bit longer to fit in few keywords.

Name the photos in your blog with keywords or words relevant to your blog niche. Eg. a photo of fried rice has better be “fried_rice.jpg” instead of “img_001.jpg”.

BOLD the keywords in your blog. Let search engines know that your blog is “strong” with those words. I’m applying all the above to some of my blogs to test my blog – they have not failed me. :)

However, I opted out from the BOLD tip because my reader complained that words in BOLD confused them and they thought those were links. On the other hand, some readers commented that it is easier to find what they want because they found my site based on those KEYWORDS anyway…So its up to you to decide.

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